Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Missive from Kathleen Gilbert

Dear Sumaiya:
I'm so excited to find you... and hopefully have found my dollhouse!

I'm Kathleen Gilbert, and created the "Gilbert Mansion"-- but I had actually called it the Westerly Byrd Inn-- a combination of my children's names. There's a family crest on the Florida room's floor of birds with each of our initials on them...(K, D, O, and W)

Wow! About 3 years ago, the lady, Cheryl, who had bought the house on eBay from me (in 2004, I think), called me for some descriptions for putting it on eBay herself, and then shortly after, called again with the name and phone number of the lady that bought it from her-- she lives in Arizona, I think, is all I can remember about her. I was too busy to call at the time, and lost the number, and I can't even find Cheryl anymore. I've been wanting to reconnect with my dollhouse (my husband called it my PhD), for a few months here. I found an image of it by googling my name out of curiosity. It was so exciting to come across it!

If you know where it is, can you have them call me? Or give me info so I can call them?

It looks so well cared for, and I'm so grateful for that. I couldn't fit it in my life or my home, and have been nervous to see how it ended up...

Take care, and thank you for posting it to your site!

Kathleen Gilbert

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